Friday, January 11, 2013

Advertise On LinkedIn Much Better Then Any Ad Networks

Hi Marketers, Do you know that LinkedIn Running awesome and great Ad service provider. Just alternative to facebook but there is a major technique to realize how to grab these ads and to whom they targeting for? Actually i'm not going to talk about Facebook Advertising . Well so start with our first guide about LinkedIn ads.

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Now we already knew that LinkedIn has more than 180 Million members from more than 200 countries and territories therefore just think if you run a good campaign of brand selling on LinkedIn through advertisement. Can you think how much sales that you'll get indeed perhaps it's unmeasurable.Do you know why some of early marketers failed on LinkedIn Advertisement due to their budget and targeting criteria on LinkedIn maybe they would low click-through rates also known as CTR and they should fall that's the simple theory (It's not like a Facebook to Targeting the interests from here you targeting only sales and expanding your sales into double or triple)

LinkedIn Bids and Budgets

From above picture you just visualizing the LinkedIn advertisement bids and budgets, Well from this payment method will understand you and the it's the vital part of to create the huge traffics depends on you how much spending for the Cost Per Click (CPC), Based on above picture Pay Per Click is $3.00 and you can insert your suggested bid ranges too. But Minimum bid is $2.00, If you spend lot of budgets to PPC you'll get sure and shot targeted traffics.  

Target Audience

From this targeting option is next vital part of generating unleash traffics and you should configure this properly to work perfectly and more traffics than you expected. You can filter those structure to grab full-targeted traffics by filtering them Location, Occupation, Gender, Age, Skills and Company. Now you realized how LinkedIn ads working pretty easier then you expected right. 

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