Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guide To Facebook Advertising - Kris Olin

When we comes to promote our business or products through Facebook there is only one way to there to Facebook Advertising, From Facebook ads you can generate unleash of largest traffics to your Facebook fan-page easily. But most Internet marketers and Small business owners making a huge mistakes is just spending money clicking on something getting the ads and maintain also problem and they'd get some sales but not with Facebook ads and everyone accessing to fan-page few percentage only buying because you masthead to other social network perhaps you won't make any buck because you don't do anything.

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From this post you should understand the value of Facebook advertising not only you but also me realizes after i losses couple of my money so get rid of anything you about past marketing guidelines about Facebook advertising. Do you know why i tells you to choose Facebook Ads? You'll realize the whole thing here without being any of doubt.

Why Do You Need Facebook Ads?

Actually Why Do You Need? Perhaps you could go with Google Adwords for Targeted Traffics, But you must think twice because Google Adwords is a PPC (Paid Per Click) some how generating targeted traffics without interests. From Facebook it's the largest social network even if you've a different brand you could ask them from your traffics probably "Which one you want sir!?" and we can seek the interests by indicating the Facebook social signals "LIKE" button and we can measure our impressions and likes as our budget. 

Example : Now you're a Chemistry Teacher in New York now you want to take student with 16-18 years old and only from New York City. What you should do? Can you go with Google Adwords? Nope but Facebook can.

Set-Up and Managing Facebook Ads Account

Maybe you thinking this is very hard to make a account, There is no hard way to create a account unless if you use your current facebook account. When we set-up facebook ads you should understand some sort of price plans and configuring the areas that you want and etc.

Images On Facebook Ads

You can use any kind of images to your ads easily. 

Contents Of Facebook Advertising Guide


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