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Hello Viewers , My name is mohamed shajid from Colombo, Sri-Lanka. I'm always prefer me as a Internet marketer and Social marketer, I just came to this field in 2012 actually i studied every single corner in Social Media Network, Actually is there some holes to study also, You know that I'm a failure in every single stuffs In Search Engine Optimization, But i really didn't care at all for my failure as i thought that's my achieve, Because every success starting with Failure Right ? So i  was so excited to go with this Social Media as a Part time income field.

What is Your Review About "LinkedInfluence"
I Don't have any words to say about Linkedinfluence because it's most one of successful product on online, I thought to review this guide in my words and how i got a actual experience in "LinkedIn", When i kept ma foot to LinkedIn, I just got nervous just like came to a new world, After all one of my friend told me about "Linkedinfluence", With in couple of weeks i brought the program, you knew i just obviously discovered one of heaven, After all i converted all my audience in to potential customers, I was shocked first time experience, Never thought in my dream also, I should thanks to Mr.Lewis Howes to gave me a good opportunity to me.

-Mohamed Shajid Shafee
-Social Media and SEO Consultant.

For More Details Email Me : Assasins.ghost@gmail[.]com

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