Thursday, January 17, 2013

Successful Start Up - Increase Your Chance Of Success

LinkedIn is not only largest business network but it's become the most popular business network because it's very easy to use and free. The free part of service is providing unlimited business network and limited members,

Increase Your Chance Of Success.

Well "Answer questions well, put some benefit thought with your answer and provide some additional resources. refer people to an appropriate expert from within your network. Most of the questions on LinkedIn answers are from people actually trying to solve a problem or accomplish something. What better way to be of service than to actually help someone accomplish something" From this quotes you could better understand when you answer is provided it should not to be success but also refer your expertise networks too then it would better of increase your chances of success.

Recommendations on your own profile are great way to show your own reputation, and the best way to ask for an endorsement is give one. Do not provide empty bottle. generic recommendations.

Helping other entrepreneurs through your network is another great way to gain more reputation.

Grow Your Network Fast

LinkedIn offers subscribers a efficient fast way to grow their business networks. When I'm joining LinkedIn therefore i had only 3 connections and these 3 connections are my business relatives and neighbors, Hopefully I've got more than 100 connections and gained massive amount of members in my network. Because my old 3 connections had lot of subscribers and members. And they found my by referring on these 3 connections. First identify the people who knows you and add to your connection therefore they do the same process to enhance their connections. You'll get notify your public profile on other connections. That's a great way to enhance your network fast on LinkedIn but there is lot of way to enhance it but I'm not a LinkedIn Guru unless Lewis Howes, He does.. Check it out here Linked Influence 2.0 - Lewis Howes

LinkedIn is also a great place for members to collaborate. You can question only the people in your network, or you can expand your search for information in LinkedIn Answers, Which is a section for asking and answering to questions at-large.

If you still newbie in first place i perfectly recommend you to go through LinkedIn Guru : Lewis Howes's "Linked Influence 2.0", Well he will teach the basic and very advance to get more connection through your whether poor or rich network. I meant poor and rich due to connections.

John Richard - SEO Specialist, LinkedIn Expert not a guru Check it out Linked Influence 2.0

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